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We have the first Little Free Pantry in the United Kingdom!

The Little Free Pantry is a small thing – some cheerful shelves in the foyer of the Church Room - access via the Rectory Driveway, stocked with tins and toiletries – but we hope it will send a big message. We hope it will be a place where Melton neighbours can come to share food – to both give and receive. Anyone can donate a tin or two, and anyone can take a tin or two -
“Leave what you can, take what you need”.
It was launched as part of our Harvest Festival on 13th October 2019, when we gave thanks for good food given to us – the fruit of the Earth, and the work of human hands (to borrow the words of the communion service). Why not come along any day after the service, to make a donation, or take something for you and your family.
It’s all free. Everyone is welcome, no questions asked.
It may seem a small thing, but having a place where you can show you care, having a place where you can feel cared for – these are big things indeed.

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